YouTube mailing robot

YouTube mailing robot

We create and set up triggered distributions of comments, likes and messages to channel authors using the hashtags you specify, which helps you quickly promote your channel or product, increase online awareness and increase sales on YouTube.

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What kind of YouTube newsletter can we do?

Autorpad’s YouTube Bot is a unique sales automation marketing tool that allows you to quickly connect with your target audience by mass sending likes, comments and messages to channel creators, as well as accelerate business promotion.


Why do you need a YouTube newsletter?

Are you new to your niche? Got new products or offers? Launching an interesting promotion? Are you looking for a partner to implement long-term plans? You need to convey information to the maximum number of existing and potential customers. Then sending a YouTube USP to the authors of channels, likes, comments is the tool you need, with the help of which you will be quickly recognized all over the world.

How can I automate the distribution of comments and likes?

Manual distribution of comments and likes on YouTube takes a lot of time, and a personal appeal to the authors of the channels contributes to trusting communication. We offer automation of mailings to YouTube using software robots:

  • sending messages to authors using clearly defined hashtags,
  • mailing likes and comments in channels according to specified criteria,
  • receiving reports in a channel convenient for you.

What does mailing automation provide?

Robotization of mailings is the optimization of time and financial costs for the same type of routine processes:

  • sending USP;
  • promotion of a profile or product;
  • tracking responses to messages;
  • increase awareness on the platform.

What are the benefits of robotizing mailings on YouTube?

The effectiveness of RPA mailings is several times higher than the indicators obtained by performing the same processes manually.

  • Quality and speed. Lack of “human factor” in the online service
  • Profitability. The cost of the robot for YouTube pays off in the shortest possible time.

Time saving

While you are busy with other things or sleep, the robot works.

Saving money

The cost of renting a robot is less than the salary of any employee.

Projected costs

You manage the bot load and the lease term yourself.

High reliability

The robot does not get sick and does not skip work.

High performance

The bot works 24/7, without holidays and weekends.

Effort reduction

It no longer takes a lot of human work to achieve results on YouTube.

HAVE QUESTIONS?We have the answers!

What business processes does a YouTube mailing list perform?

Communication in private messages with the authors of the channels allows you to communicate with the interlocutor personally and convey your proposal.

Sending comments with links to your site or channel allows you to quickly promote the services offered, and automatic mailing of likes makes you more recognizable on the Internet.

Reducing the load on you: all the routine work of sending messages to YouTube will be done by the robot. You no longer need to spend time on cold emails or sending reminders.

Cost savings: ordering a service for setting up a software robot is several times cheaper than using paid tools for promotion.

Will my profile be blocked?

No, your profile will not be blocked because we do not use browser extensions and other solutions of standard services. Robots work just like you, practically with their hands, so there are no blockages.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, YouTube has posting restrictions. Write to us and we will tell you in detail how the robot for YouTube works.

What determines the quality of the mailing?

It depends on the text we are sending. Write to us and we will show you texts that work well for our clients!

How can I start mailing through you and what is needed for this?
What is a YouTube mailing list?

Newsletter on the YouTube platform is an effective communication tool. With the help of such a mailing list, you can not only deliver useful information and promote profiles, but also establish new contacts and increase sales.

Why do you need a YouTube newsletter?

Newsletter on YouTube allows you to quickly promote your product or service by increasing the link mass, increase awareness on the Internet, speed up the promotion of a business page, find partners, customers and attract the target audience.

How can I automate YouTube mailings?

With the help of Autorpad software robots, you can deliver messages to channel authors, automate the distribution of likes and comments according to specified conditions. At the same time, you will also receive an increase in your network of contacts.

What does YouTube mailing automation do?

The main benefits are time savings. Sending messages and comments manually to a large number of users is time consuming and carries a high risk of errors. Automation solves these problems.

What is the benefit of robotic mailing on YouTube?

Sending likes and comments to channels allows you to quickly promote your profile, product or service, while the robot can send personalized emails to YouTube channel creators. Please note that if you decide to order a newsletter on YouTube, you will get a great automated solution that will bring you customers on a regular basis.


AUTOMATION OF MARKETINGWe offer new tools for business

Internet marketing automation implemented with the help of bots built on RPA technology allows you to quickly and efficiently collect target audiences, make mailings in previously inaccessible channels. In addition, with the help of automation of marketing processes, new tools for an Internet marketer, you can quickly increase website traffic and create scenarios for automatic sales on the Internet.

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