EMAIL mailing

EMAIL mailing

Robotic Process Automation – is a virtual employee who has his own workplace and account, while RPA is one of the most popular applications of artificial intelligence in business, because it allows companies with outdated systems to automate their work processes without replacing the old with new ones. Software robots do not replace the content-manager, but free him from a significant part of the work by automating the creation and management of content and automating the filling of the site with content.

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How does the creation of an Email strategy begin?

To get a result from an email-newsletter, it is necessary to take into account the interests of your audience and correctly formulate the goals of the appeal.

We will analyze the behavior and requests of the target audience, and then determine the goals of mailings in your company. For example:

  • Informing about goods and services.
  • Promotions and special offers.
  • Feedback (reviews, comments).
  • Service messages.
  • Direct sales.

What are we doing to segment the contact database?

Email-mailing to the database of contacts taken from the Internet and servers is ineffective. It does not take into account the interests of a particular client.

We will draw up a portrait of your consumer, taking into account his gender, age, activity, geography of residence. This will greatly increase the response of the target audience.

The software robot for the segment we set will help to collect contacts.

What is included in the creation of email letters?

From design and content of the letter determines whether it will be read to the end and whether the target action will be taken.

We write high-quality content that users read to the last point. The letter design developed by us keeps the subscriber’s attention and increases the awareness of your company. Adaptive layout will be displayed correctly on all devices.

How does Robotic Process Automation help automate Email newsletters?

We fully automate the process of Email newsletters: from collecting and segmenting the database, transmitting data for mailing, to automatic sending.

By doing this, we completely remove the burden from the marketer and remove the need to hire an Email marketer in the company’s staff.

What can we set up in email newsletters?

To integrate your website and mailing service, we use both standard integration methods and the capabilities of RPA robots.

In addition, if mailing automation can be implemented using your servers or an account in the mailing service, then we can make the necessary settings before integrating and launching mailing lists.

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AUTOMATION OF EMAIL МАРКЕТИНГАWe offer new tools for Email marketers

Automation of Internet marketing, implemented with the help of bots built on RPA technology, allows you to create your own tools for email newsletters.

Thanks to this, we can create trigger emails based on almost any event and ensure the most correct delivery to the Inbox, even for Abuse topics.


The email mailing service has been transformed and acquiring new functions in recent years. If 5 years ago the design and layout of email newsletters, mass email mailing on its database were constant requests from customers, then today automatic mailing of emails based on triggers has become relevant.

Mailing of advertising by e-mail with delivery to “Inbox” has always been a big problem, but with the use of RPA for a marketer to make such mailing correct now is not much of a problem. Creating a mailing list in Ukraine is now no more difficult than ordering a mailing list in Viber, and the price can differ dozens of times.

The cost of messages for marketing in different channels differs because, for example, Gmail provides free mail, and an organization like Viber takes payment for sending services. Of course, you can make mail distribution automatic throughout Ukraine, but you will still have to pay for the services of paid services or operators.

Increasing audience loyalty

Robotic Process Automation allows you to send personalized emails, and such emails increase brand credibility.

Exception human errors

The robot works according to a given scenario, so it does not send a monthly accounting report instead of a welcome letter.

Save labor and time

The robot can send emails both by itself and through the mailing service. In any case, messages are created and sent instantly.

The Internet opens up an opportunity for businesses to organize effective mailing to customers from the CRM system. To do this, you can buy an auto-dispatch script, and set up automation by video, but do not forget that the video will most likely be in English, and the easier and faster it will be to order a paid setup than to understand everything.

Also, do not forget that emails need not only advertising texts, but also adaptive HTML-templates, like those on which the WordPress store is made. It is also very important to understand that mailing someone else’s database will not make this database yours. To create your own database – need to have a lot of knowledge and invest a lot of work, and even better, contact specialists.

Deliverance rid of the routine

While the robot is sending mail en masse, the marketer can do more creative work.

Saving money

It is cheaper to order a robot setup once and then copy them than to expand the staff.

Sales increase

The greater the coverage of the target audience, and the more correct the messages, the faster online sales grow.


What is an email-newsletter?

Automated sending of emails to a pre–selected group of recipients – one of the main tools of marketers. It increases audience loyalty and conversions.

Why do you need an email-newsletter?

The main goal of any email-newsletter is to keep the interest of the audience, convert website visitors into buyers, thereby increasing sales. This goal is achieved through:

  • Retention, gathering the customer base.
  • Advertising and promotion of a product or service.
  • Increasing brand awareness.
  • Feedback from customers.
  • Informing about special offers, promotions.
What is the benefit of email-newsletter robotization?

Software robots open, read and sort letters, create triggered personalized mailings, work with attachments.

Robotics dramatically increases the effectiveness of email-newsletter. Emails sent using RPA technology are treated as personalized rather than automated, so they end up in the “Inbox” rather than in the “Spam” folder. The result – higher email open rates, mailing list conversion.

How can you automate email-newsletter?

There are many services and programs for mailing automation. We offer an innovative service – RPA technology. The software robot can track the subscriber’s status in your CRM or ERP system, and then send him an email corresponding to the status. This can be a commercial offer or information about a successfully placed order.

What is the benefit of automating email-newsletter?

With the help of an email-newsletter, can:

  • form the target audience,
  • keep her attention,
  • track and analyze the relevance of customer requests.

This tool significantly saves the time of employees responsible for promoting your business, sales, and marketing.

AUTOMATION OF SOCIAL NETWORKSOrder of professional Email Marketing

We create email marketing strategies, content-plan, trigger maps. We set up automatic trigger mailings, conduct mailings and provide reporting. Write texts for letters, draw a design and make up adaptive HTML templates.