Questions and answers

What is RPA?
Robotic Process Automation – is robotic process automation, or more simply – software robots. In simpler terms, these are programs that recognize text and images on the screen, and then use the keyboard and mouse of the computer to perform various actions with the interfaces of programs, sites, services, applications.
Why automate business-processes of different professions?
To gain a competitive advantage in the market, reduce costs and increase profits. In addition, there are many different advantages in the operation of robots.
How much time can be saved with a robot?
You can save all the time that a human previously spent on these tasks + the time that a human would spend on tasks that the robot will perform much faster, and to a greater extent.
How much money can you save with a robot?
You can save at least the salary of the employee who performed this work.
Can a robot learn?
Yes, the robot can learn both during setup and during tasks.
How many functions can one robot have?
The number of robot functions is unlimited. Typically, robots contain from 1 to 10 functions, while a robot can use another robot as one of its functions.
What does the function of robots mean?
This is a list of actions combined into one business-task that the robot performs.
Yes, it’s absolutely legal. )
It's profitable?
This is incredibly beneficial, because. Robots do not need to be paid wages, and they work much faster than people.
How to order such a robot?
To start an order contact us and specify which robot you want to use.
How can I implement software robots in my business-processes?
Schedule a consultation with us. We will answer all your questions, draw up a work schedule with you.
When can implement a robot in my business-processes?
The timing of the implementation of the robot depends on the number of actions and functions that need to be taught to the robot when initial setup. Usually, the terms of creating a robot start from 2-3 days and can last up to 2-3 months.
How is the automation process going?

Processes for automation are defined

A robot is created and configured

The robot is being tested and optimized.

How soon will I see results?
The results are visible on the first day of the robot.
How quickly do robots pay off?
The payback period depends on the timing of the creation of robots. The simpler the robot, the faster it pays off.
How much does a robot cost?
Prices for ready-made robots start from $50, and the cost of a robot created according to your requirements will depend on the timing of the creation of the robot.
Does a robot need a workplace?
Yes, the robot works at the computer, like a person. But, unlike humans, a robot can run on a server or in a virtual machine.
How do I make a profit?
Due to the greater number of actions performed within a specific business-process.
What is the advantage of RPA technology over other automation systems?
Robots created using Robotic Process Automation technology can work with your sites, systems, applications, services, and do not require any changes into software or creating complex integrations.