We set up “turnkey” mass and automatic, triggered SMS-newsletters.


What can be the purpose of SMS-newsletter?
  • Attraction of new clients.
  • Increase in purchase amount.
  • Increasing loyalty to the company.
  • SMS-newsletter to regular customers with unique offers.
  • Informing about new products.
  • Increasing the percentage of completed transactions.

The service that allows you to send mailing messages is determined based on the purpose of the mailing.

Why segment the base for SMS-newsletter?

Personalized messaging, taking into account the subscriber’s requests, makes communication more effective and motivates them to take the targeted action.

We segment the subscriber base by age, gender, geography, interests and purchasing power, and other parameters. Telephone mailing of SMS by geolocation brings more income to the client.

What should be the correct text for SMS-newsletter?

Properly formatted text for SMS-newsletters increases the budget savings and increases sales. The correct text for SMS-newsletter should contain:

  • unique selling proposition;
  • benefit for the subscriber;
  • contacts for feedback.

Please note that targeted SMS-newsletter increases conversions at times.

What settings and integrations do we do with SMS-newsletter?

In addition to the service settings, we program the robot for certain standardized actions. For example, an SMS bot will remind you about an abandoned cart, or about sending an order or an upcoming promotion.

In addition, robots built on the basis of Robotic Process Automation technology allow you to quickly integrate the mailing service with your CRM system, allowing you to send SMS advertising to customers.

What is mass SMS-newsletters?

These are newsletters that are usually made once a week and sent to the entire customer base. In practice, few people segment the recipient base, so such mailings often bring little sales.

Base segmentation will help send a more relevant offer to recipients, while in practice, when sending sms from a computer via the Internet, minimal segmentation is enough to increase conversions.


To attract or notify customers, you can organize a mobile gsm sms newsletter. Geolocation segmentation will affect the cost, but if you order the collection of the target audience, then a paid marketing newsletter с from a computer can be made not only effective, but also automatic. Efficiency in this case, the business will receive from the organization of mailing not just to the whole of Ukraine, but only by phone, for example, legal entities or individuals, with the offer of your service.

Group telephone newsletter turns out to be inexpensive, but in this case, an offer to buy or subscribe, sent to corporate telephone numbers on your behalf may look cheap, and not bring harm to business instead of benefit. Of course, you can do, for example, sending ready-made advertising messages to Viber, receiving such notifications will still be regarded as advertising. And even though the tariffs will be higher in this case, the effect will still be low — even then, it is better to order a newsletter on Facebook.

How can RPA robots help in this case? The fact is that robots work like humans, only faster and without errors, so they can make a newsletter specifically to Kiev, or, if necessary, will review the entire site, and then you can create a newsletter specifically to the users of this site. One of the important advantages is that SMS newsletter robots can use both some mailing service and modem or computer, or any other device. This allows you to flexibly configure the dispatches, apply different data, thereby improving the conversion of the channel.


What is SMS-newsletter?

It is a reliable, efficient and affordable communication channel with subscribers. With the help of SMS-newsletter, you can send messages to customers, business partners, and employees. The recipient will receive the message, regardless of whether they have access to the Internet or not.

For what do need an SMS-newsletter?


  • informs customers about promotions and new services;
  • expands the customer base;
  • increases the degree of trust in the brand;
  • notifies about the order status;
  • provides feedback to subscribers;
  • accelerates sales growth.
What is the benefit of robotized SMS-newsletter?

Using RPA technology, can transfer contact lists and other information from the client’s system to the SMS-newsletter service, in addition, you can simply automate sending SMS from your phone.

The software robot can be integrated into any project, application, program, CRM and CMS.

How can automate SMS-newsletter?

Today, it is easy to automate SMS-newsletter with the help of various services that provide this service.

We offer a new approach to organizing SMS-newsletter – this is RPA technology based on the use of software robots. Artificial intelligence can be connected to the phone to send newsletters on behalf, or to manage the newsletter service, instead of a marketer.

What does SMS-newsletter automation provide?
  • Operative informing of clients
  • High delivery speed
  • Newsletter notifications according to the schedule at the specified time
  • Subscriber feedback support
  • Establishing point contact with the consumer
  • Growth in online sales at an affordable cost
  • Effective combination with other advertising tools
  • Removing the burden from the marketer
  • Using personal phone numbers for mass newsletters