Facebook newsletter

Facebook newsletter

We create and configure mass and trigger newsletters on Facebook, which helps you build mass communications on social networks and increase sales.

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How to create a chatbot for Facebook?

There are many different ways to build a Facebook chatbot, from using builders to writing code and connecting your own Facebook app. Depending on your goals, you need to use one of the methods.

Using RPA robots, you can create chatbots that significantly expand the standard functionality. At the same time, such chatbots can be much more effective in practice.

How to send a message to friends on Facebook?

You can send messages in private messages manually, through the messenger. But, if you want to send messages on an ongoing basis, or based on some event, then you can create an RPA robot that will do these mailings for you.

Thus, you will get a tool with which you can use another communication channel with your friends or target audience.

Why is it necessary to newsletter RPA by a robot to subscribers?

The fact is that when you connect a standard chatbot built on one of the popular services, you cannot send out newsletters to the base of existing subscribers. No existing service allows you to do this.

Using software robots, you can send newsletters to any of your subscriber bases, as well as to the subscriber base of other business pages, thus attracting an audience to your business.

Why do you need to newsletter to Facebook groups?

Posting to Facebook groups – is one of the most effective ways to introduce your product to a wide audience. The mailing process starts with gathering relevant groups and results in high reach at a low cost.

This type of newsletter is suitable for a business whose target audience actively uses Facebook groups – both open and closed, with the possibility of posting by group members.

What comments can be posted automatically on Facebook?

In fact, can post many different comments based on different events or filters, while the main requirement for posting a comment will be the condition of compliance with the rules of the Facebook community.

Software robots can post comments both under the posts of your friends and under the posts of business pages or other users of the social network, thus drawing attention to your content.

Newsletter by groups

Your post will be seen by tens of thousands of members of hundreds of groups

Newsletter business page

The robot will send your message to everyone with whom you had dialogues before

Newsletter to friends

The robot will send a private message to all your friends

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What is a mass newsletter on Facebook?

This is an effective and affordable marketing tool that allows you to promote a product or service among your subscribers. This is fertile ground for advertising campaigns and receiving feedback from partners and customers.

Why do need a newsletter on Facebook?
Newsletter on the Facebook social network helps to return subscribers, keep their attention and increase activity, conduct mass or triggered newsletter of personal messages on Facebook. This is necessary to move leads down the sales funnel.
What does the automation of newsletter on Facebook give?

We list the main advantages:

  • Ease of communication with the audience.
  • High rates of reading text messages (about 80 – 90%).
  • Timely informing subscribers about news and promotions.
  • High speed of newsletter messages.
How can automate a Facebook newsletter?

Robots created on the basis of RPA technology used to automate the work of a marketer. They work with the entire subscriber base, regardless of whether they came before or after the introduction of the chatbot. And this is a unique feature of software robots.

Thus, you automate all communications on Facebook and can send mailings to both new subscribers and the old base collected before connecting the chatbot.

What is the benefit of robotization of Facebook newsletter?

With the help of RPA robots, you can make a personalized Facebook Messenger newsletter to friends or business page subscribers. In addition, you can send newsletters to comments and groups. If you decide to order a bot for LinkedIn, then you can get a great harvester for social media sales.

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To send newsletters in Facebook groups, you must be a member of them. Also, we can provide you with an interface for managing the newsletter and implement other functionality you need.