Price monitoring robot

Price monitoring robot

We create and configure automatic price monitoring on any sites and structure reporting in a format convenient for you.

– without blocking sites

– imitation of human actions

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What price monitoring can we do?

Autorpad price monitoring software robot is a unique marketing tool for tracking the prices of competitors, suppliers, contractors and other online stores, allowing you to find the best price, product quality ratio and make more informed pricing decisions.


Why is price monitoring necessary?

Got new products or offers? Launching an interesting promotion? Are you looking for a partner to implement long-term plans? With a price monitoring software robot, you can monitor competitor prices, offer more competitive quotes, offer a better price to your customers, or get a better purchase price from suppliers.

How can price monitoring be automated?

Autorpad price monitoring software robot allows you to track prices on any sites and is not blocked by sites. We offer automation of price monitoring using software robots:

  • tracking according to clearly defined parameters;
  • collection of prices, characteristics, articles or any other information about goods;
  • structuring and sending reports in a channel convenient for you.

What does automation of price monitoring give?

Automation of price monitoring is the optimization of time and financial costs for the same type of routine processes:

  • tracking the necessary information about the goods;
  • error-free collection of information from product cards;
  • structuring reports in the form you need.

What is the benefit of price monitoring robotization?

The effectiveness of RPA monitoring is several times higher than the indicators obtained when performing the same processes manually.

  • Quality and speed. Lack of “human factor” in the online service
  • Profitability. The cost of the robot pays off in the shortest possible time.

Time saving

While you are busy with other things or sleep, the robot works.

Saving money

The cost of renting a robot is less than the salary of any employee.

Projected costs

You manage the bot load and the lease term yourself.

High reliability

The robot does not get sick and does not skip work.

High performance

The bot works 24/7, without holidays and weekends.

Effort reduction

It no longer takes a lot of human labor to process a large amount of information.

HAVE QUESTIONS?We have the answers!

What business processes does the price monitoring robot perform?

Automatic price monitoring allows you to always keep track of any changes in suppliers or competitors, put up the best price offers for your customers, and quickly respond to any changes in the market.

Will my profile be blocked?

No, your profile will not be blocked because we do not use browser extensions and other solutions of standard services. Robots work just like you, practically with their hands, so there are no blockages.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, in some cases there are restrictions, but they are individual for each site. Write to us and we will discuss the details you are interested in.

What does monitoring depend on?

It depends on the sites being processed and the restrictions that apply to them. Write to us and we will tell you more about how the price monitoring software robot works.

How can I start using a price monitoring robot and what do I need to do?
What is a price monitoring robot?

Monitoring is the automatic collection of any information about products from the sites you specify.

What is price monitoring for?

With this tool, you can quickly react to any price changes in the market and put up competing bids for your customers.

How can monitoring be automated?

Write to us and we will set up high-quality price monitoring in the shortest possible time.

What does monitoring automation give?

The main advantages are saving time and obtaining error-free information. Browsing sites manually is time consuming and carries a high risk of making mistakes. Automation solves these problems.

What is the benefit of price monitoring robotization?

Now you don’t need to spend your employee’s working time monitoring the websites of competitors or suppliers. Automating this process will reduce the cost of its implementation.


AUTOMATION OF MARKETINGWe offer new tools for business

Automation of price monitoring implemented with the help of bots built on RPA technology allows you to quickly and efficiently collect the necessary information about products from any site. In addition, with the help of new tools for a marketer, you can quickly respond to any market changes and not be inferior in the competitiveness of your price offer.

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