RPA for sales manager

RPA for sales manager

RPA (robotic process automation) business process automation – is a technology that sales managers will appreciate, because it makes it possible to automate the company’s sales processes by connecting robots (chat bots, voice bots) in the sales process.

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Using automatic scripts allows you to quickly increase sales conversions.

Improving the quality of communications

The effectiveness of communication with customers increased due to automation in business processes.

Improved response speed

Automation of the workplace of a sales manager leads to a significant increase in the speed of response.

Reducing the load on the manager

You can improve the results of the sales process by automating the manager’s workplace.

Saving time and money

Bots allow you to reduce the time that people need to spend on work, training, while the labor of robots is cheaper.

Virtual workforce

Bots work 24/7, with profitable scenarios scaling within 1 day.


We offer unique solutions that automate the work of a sales manager, as well as automate marketing processes and comprehensive automation of business processes. In addition, with our help, you can create bots that will sell your products themselves, in a fully automatic mode.


Voice bot

How much time can be saved by automating the process?

All working time that the manager spends on:

– Answers in the chat on the sales script.

– Cold calls to uninterested clients.

– Calls for customers who have not ordered for a long time.

How soon will I see results?
– The results will be visible in your key metrics immediately after setting up and launching the bots.
What will increase sales?
– All types of mailings are automated, the main communications are automated. Due to this, the number of processed clients per day increases significantly.
What processes can be automated in the work of a sales manager?

– Correspondence with customers in the chat will be performed by a chat bot.

– Voice informing. For example, calls to a cold base with the identification of a need.

– Strengthening your sales chain. We adapt robot scenarios to improve results at any point in your business processes.

How is the automation process going?

– We analyze your processes, after which we develop and launch a bot that performs programmed functions instead of a human.

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Bots automate sales management in the enterprise

With the help of RPA, can automate sales accounting in your business by training robots to work with your CRM-system.