Gathering of target audiences

Gathering of target audiences

We gather target audiences to customize marketing communications, build automatic sales chains and auto-funnels.

AUTOMATION OF MARKETINGPre-order target audience gathering

How do to collect Email addresses for newsletter?

First of all, you need to determine the target audience for the product you want to sell. Only after that you can use Email gathering tools – so your target audience will be the most relevant and will make the most purchases of your product after Email newsletter.

How to collect a base of phones for SMS newsletter?

First of all, you need to determine the target audience of the product. After that, it will be possible to understand from what sources and with the help of what software robots you can collect phone numbers.

How to collect a base for Viber newsletter?

Collecting a target audience for a Viber newsletter starts the same way as collecting phone numbers for SMS – first we define the target audience, the sources from which we’ll collect phone numbers. After that we set up software robots to collect phone numbers. Validation of phone numbers for installed Viber is done automatically when sending out.

How to collect contacts on LinkedIn?

To collect contacts in this social network, you need to order a bot for LinkedIn. The main function of the bot is to send invitations to a contact. People accept your invitations, so your network of contacts grows. In addition, you can collect contact data on LinkedIn, for example, Email or phone number.

How to collect contacts on Facebook?

With the help of RPA robots, you can organize a Facebook gathering for a personal profile, business page or group, but again, before that you need to know the target audience of the site for which these subscribers are going. For example, the number of friends on Facebook is limited to 5,000 contacts, therefore, in order to achieve business goals, the relevance of collecting the target audience is quite high.

Sales growth

Gathering a quality target audience increases sales.

Saving labor and money

The work of a robot is cheaper than that of a human.

Getting rid of routine work

The robot can collect targeted contacts offline.


What is the collection of the target audience?
Gathering TA – is the collection of contacts (email, phone number, full name) from different sources (closed, open) on the Internet. TA is an important component of any marketing tool.
Why is it necessary to collect the target audience?
To get new customers for your business who are most likely to make purchases or orders.
How can you automate the collection of the target audience?
With the help of Robotic Process Automation, you can collect target audiences in different channels automatically on an ongoing basis, without using human labor. To do this, you can, for example, order Push newsletter.
What does automation give when collecting target audiences?
Automation allows you to collect contacts in large volumes, on an ongoing basis, without human intervention.
What are the benefits of robotization?
Robotization allows entrepreneurs to increase the efficiency of routine processes, save on human resources, and better analyze potential customers.