Mass communications

Mass communications

We set up turnkey mass communications in various channels. This allows you to increase the sales and profits of your business.

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What is a communications strategy?

A mass communications strategy is needed to answer the questions: with whom, how, when, and with what content will you communicate with your audience. If you have a strategy — you have no questions about what to write in newsletters or posts.

A standard mass communications strategy consists of sections: goals, content, communications, technical part, and may also contain a content-plan or a trigger map. In addition, based on the strategy, a work schedule and a marketing budget are created.

What is a content-plan?

The content-plan usually includes the approximate content of the post or message, indicating the dates when a particular plan or message will be published.

For convenience, the content-plan is often divided by topic, and the period indicated in the content-plan is most often a week, or a month, or a year.

How to write a message correctly?

The right messages encourage recipients to take the targeted action. When creating messages, you must always remember a few principles: the most important things should be at the beginning, and must end with a call to action.

Note that there are several formulas for writing sales messages — they help structure the text and achieve the desired results in the text, and we have a separate email newsletter service

How to set up a newsletter service?

The settings of the newslettermailing service include a lot of different work, from registering an account to, for example, setting up SPF, DKIM.

Without proper training, it is better not to carry out such work.

How to build a database of contacts?

Many of our customers buy databases, or parse them on the Internet from open sources, not even suspecting how the reputation of their mailboxes can suffer from newsletters to such databases.

At the same time, there are many official and legal ways to collect the base. They are a little slower, but much cheaper, and bring in a lot more sales than cold databases from the Internet.

AUTOMATION OF MASS COMMUNICATIONSWhat problems does automation of mass communications solve?

Sales growth

The use of mass communication channels increases the size of the audience and the number of sales.

Mass newsletter of messages does not need human control and can be carried out around the clock.
Improving the quality of work
Artificial intelligence controls the work of the software robot and does not allow errors to be made.

Newsletter bots can be flexibly configured for any parameters or platforms, and even integrated with legacy systems.

Getting rid of routine work
Using automated mailing allows to focus employees on other goals.
Predictable result

Artificial intelligence controls all the work of the software robot and is aimed at achieving results.


What is mass communication?
Mass communication — is the distribution of one message through all possible communication channels (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email), where the target audience is present.
Why do need automatic newsletter?
This tool is necessary to quickly inform the target audience, attract attention and increase sales.
How can automate mass communication?
Mass communication can be robotized using RPA technology. Software robots do their job well and significantly increase the efficiency of the process as a whole.
What is the automation of mass communications?
Formation of newsletter of messages requires too much human time. With the help of robotization, the process of disseminating information takes place in a few minutes, which saves a lot of time.
What are the benefits of robotization?
Robotization allows saving time that was previously spent on performing certain functions, optimize personnel costs, and increase the efficiency of routine actions.