Parsing contacts

Parsing contacts

We set up the parsing of contacts for effective traffic sources: email, phones. We automatically provide contacts for mailing lists and communications.

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How do RPA robots help collect Email?

Automatic collection of contacts, in our case – parsing email addresses, is carried out with the help of parsers, or so-called software robots. They go to each page of the specified source (for example, a directory site), and collect in a table all Email, which they meet on the page of the site.

How do RPA robots assemble phones?

Collecting phone numbers with the help of RPA robots is about the same as when collecting a database of email addresses from a website. The robot visits each page of the specified source site (there may be several sites, programs – sources) and collects from the pages of the site, or applications, programs, phones of the target audience indicated to it.

How do RPA robots understand which contacts to collect?

When developing and configuring the robot, it is indicated which contacts and where to collect. But besides this, for example, the parsing of contacts from the site can take place in a fully automatic mode – the robot will use the specified initial information and built-in artificial intelligence to determine the contacts it needs to collect.

How can an RPA robot help an organization?

On the Internet, there are sites-catalogs of organizations and enterprises. They were not originally intended for parsing email addresses, but with the development of technology they have become a convenient, structured source of information and necessary data. RPA robots can both post information about a company on such sites, and collect information about other companies, recording the results in a table convenient for a person.

What might be the sources of the data?

As a source of data for RPA robot can be almost any site, application or even messenger, such as vyber, telegram, Facebook. By the way, in vyber you can collect data not only from the phone book, but also from groups, so the source of contacts, where you need to collect data – limited only by your imagination.


What is contact parsing?
This is the collection and systematization of contacts of potential customers based on certain criteria through special programs or manually.
What is contact parsing for?
Creating a database of contacts, taking into account their interests and requests helps to strengthen the market position, increase online sales on the Internet, increasing the number of active customers interested in a particular product or service and is usually part of a package of mass communication.
How can automate the parsing of contacts?
To automate the collection of data, special services are used, on which users voluntarily leave information about themselves. Also, data can be taken from open sources, but it should be remembered that mailing to such numbers and email addresses can be regarded as spam.
What does automation of parsing of contacts give?

Automated parsing in marketing – is a tool that helps you process, store, analyze, and structure large amounts of information in minutes. In manual mode, it would take hours. But with a telephone database collected in automatic mode, for example, you can order a voice bot and make a voice mailing to your target audience.

What is the benefit of robotizing contact parsing?
Robots do not create many requests to the site, and can collect data from closed directories, unlike many parsers, so they do not get blocked and do not require multiple accounts and proxies to work. Robots structure, analyze and transmit the collected information in the format required by the customer, which subsequently simplifies mass newsletter.

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In the example, you can see how the robot automatically finds the contacts of car sellers and saves them to an internal database for transfer to the client.