Robot for Instagram

Robot for Instagram

We set up and connect the multifunctional Instagram robot to your profile. Gathering the target audience, newsletters and almost unlimited functionality to order. Automate your work with Instagram and increase your sales!

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What can the robot do for Instagram?

An Instagram automation bot is an effective tool for attracting followers and promoting a page (products/services).

It imitates human actions: likes, comments and publishes posts, subscribes to other users, writes messages and answers questions in direct. But it does it ten times faster than a human.

At the same time, mass newsletter by the bot to Instagram is carried out only for those profiles that are in the direct. This eliminates spam and helps to avoid blocking your account.


Why should you connect RPA?

An Instagram-bot significantly saves the time a manager spends on standardized work: replying to a message, collecting a target audience, newsletter.

The robot sends hundreds of messages a day. As a result, the number of subscribers increases exponentially, and with them, online sales.

What can be automated with RPA on Instagram?

Automation of SMM promotion allows to create both trigger newsletters based on the trigger scheme, as well as other algorithms that lead to an increase in sales.

The robot will send a personalized greeting, remind you of an unfinished dialogue at each stage of the sales funnel, and offer a discount. If you order a robot for Facebook, at the same time, then you will definitely get an increase in sales.


What tasks does the bot perform?
  • Communication with the audience 24/7.
  • Full automation of the message chain and guiding the client through the entire sales funnel.
  • High speed of sending messages by tags or stages of the sales funnel.
  • Bot autosubscriber for subscriptions and likes in Instagram.
  • Bot for Instagram contests.
  • Bot for viewing stories (stories) on Instagram.
  • Instagram autoresponder bot for replies and comments.

What is the benefit of robotization on Instagram?

Autorpad robots have undeniable advantages over other services for working with Instagram – they are flexible in adjusting to the client’s tasks, can be launched in one day, scaled quickly, can be easily integrated with different systems, such as CRM, and work without bans from Instagram, as they fully mimic human actions.

At the same time, the mass newsletter of chatbots for promotion on Instagram carried out only for those profiles that are in direct. This eliminates spam and helps to avoid account blocking.


Collection of TA contacts

With the help of bots, you can quickly collect a subscriber base for given hashtags and keywords, after which the robot will subscribe to the target audience.

Work 24/7

The bot works around the clock without days off and holidays, constantly maintaining activity in the profile, quickly responding to customers, regardless of the time of day.

No errors

The robot performs its work according to a clearly defined algorithm, which eliminates the mistakes made by people due to fatigue and other factors.

Sales automation

The robot will answer standard questions in direct, accept the request, redirect it to the mail, send the desired message to the client using the correct channel and choosing the right time.

Flexible and fast setup

Bots scale quickly, easily integrate with various systems, such as CRM, and work without bans from Instagram, imitating human actions.

Reducing the burden on managers

The bot will do all the routine work of processing standardized messages and newsletters. The manager at this time will be able to focus on more complex tasks.

HOW IT WORKS?How to automate work on Instagram?

Step 1. Define goals

Step 2. Create a robot

Step 3. Set up the robot

Step 4. Getting Started

Step 5. Analyzing the results

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AUTOMATION OF SOCIAL NETWORKSIncreasing sales on social networks

Robotic Process Automation are automatic software robots that allow you to create unique SMM tools, which in turn helps to increase the efficiency of the SMM-manager and increase sales on social networks.

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