Robot for filling out reports

Robot for filling out reports

We create and configure a robot for automatically filling out reports of any complexity from any data sources: CRM, websites, social networks, analytics tools, payment systems, accounting programs, etc.

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What kind of reports can we do?

The Autorpad reporting robot is a unique marketing tool for reporting automation that allows you to automate the collection and structuring of information from any channel into a format convenient for you.


Why do you need a robot to fill out reports?

Do you work with multiple channels on a daily basis that need to be processed and presented in a single report? Does collecting and structuring data from external sources take a lot of time? Then the Autorpad software robot for filling out reports is the tool you need with which you can automate these processes and receive reports from all the necessary channels in a format convenient for you.

How can you automate reporting?

Manual collection of reports takes a lot of time, and mistakes are not ruled out. We offer automation of report generation using software robots:

  • collection of information from any channels,
  • absence of errors and inaccuracies,
  • providing reports in a convenient format.

What does the automation of filling out reports give?

Robotization of reporting collection is the optimization of time and financial costs for the same type of routine processes:

  • report customization;
  • processing of any sources;
  • change tracking.

What is the benefit of robotic reporting?

The efficiency of RPA is several times higher than that obtained when performing the same processes manually.

  • Quality and speed. Receiving data on time and the absence of a “human factor” in the operation of the online service.
  • Profitability. The cost of the robot for collecting reports pays off in the shortest possible time.

Time saving

While you are busy with other things or sleep, the robot works.

Saving money

The cost of renting a robot is less than the salary of any employee.

Projected costs

You manage the bot load and the lease term yourself.

High reliability

The robot does not get sick and does not skip work.

High performance

The bot works 24/7, without holidays and weekends.

Effort Reduction

You no longer need a lot of human labor to perform labor-intensive processes.

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What business processes does reporting automation perform?

Data is collected from any systems: CRM, CMS, payment systems, websites, social networks, analytics tools and other online services.

Preparation and structuring of reports in the form you need: the software robot will send the finished document to the responsible employee in a channel convenient for you.

Reducing the burden on employees: the robot will do all the routine data processing work. Managers do not need to spend time on routine work – now it happens automatically.

Cost savings: ordering a service for setting up a software robot is several times cheaper than paying employees for the time spent on a routine.

Will my profile be blocked?

No, your profile will not be blocked because we do not use browser extensions and other solutions of standard services. Robots work just like you, practically with their hands, so there are no blockages.

Are there any restrictions?

Each service has its own limitations. Write to us and we will tell you how the software robot works.

How can I start using reporting automation?

Write to us and we will answer your questions!

What is a reporting robot?

A software robot for filling out reports is an effective tool for automating routine tasks. The robot collects data from any necessary sources and structures the report in a form convenient for you.

Why do we need a robot to automate reporting?

Робот для заполнения отчетов позволяет автоматизировать этот процесс и экономить большое количество времени для задач, требующих непосредственного участия человека. 

How can you automate reporting?

You can automate the process of creating reports using Autorpad software robots.

What does the automation of filling out reports give?

The main advantages are saving time and getting information without errors in the right format. Filling out reports manually takes a lot of time – automation solves these problems.


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Internet marketing automation implemented with the help of bots built on RPA technology allows you to quickly and efficiently collect target audiences, make mailings in previously inaccessible channels. In addition, with the help of automation of marketing processes, new tools for an Internet marketer, you can quickly increase website traffic and create scenarios for automatic sales on the Internet.

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