Mail warming robot

Mail warming robot

We create and configure a robot that warms up your inbox, improves your reputation in Email services and increases the deliverability and percentage of reading of your mailings.

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What kind of email warm-up can we do?

The Autorpad Inbox Warming Bot is a unique marketing tool that allows you to quickly warm up your mail, increase your reputation and email deliverability to connect with your target audience.


Why do I need to warm up the Email box?

If you are sending out emails and your deliverability and open rates are low, or your emails end up in spam, then you need to increase your reputation in email systems. To do this, you need to show the mail systems that your mailings are useful and the majority of recipients read the letters – this is called warming up the mailbox.

How can you automate the warming up of the mailbox?

To warm up the mailbox, we connect several email addresses of your recipients to the robot and send out mailings to these emails. After that, the robot automatically reads and answers letters on behalf of these users, and, if necessary, transfers them from spam to inbox. Thanks to these actions, the mailing systems will recognize the newsletter as useful and your reputation will increase.


What does warm-up automation give?

Heating robotization is the optimization of time and financial costs for the same type of routine processes:

  • tracking the spam folder and moving letters to the inbox;
  • increasing the rating of mailing lists in postal services;
  • improved deliverability and email opening.

What is the benefit of email warm-up robotization?

The efficiency of RPA automation is several times higher than that obtained when performing the same processes manually. You only need the texts of letters and email addresses of recipients, all processes occur automatically.

  • Quality and speed. Lack of “human factor” in the online service
  • Profitability. The cost of the robot for warming up pays off in the shortest possible time.

Time saving

While you are busy with other things or sleep, the robot works.

Saving money

The cost of renting a robot is less than the salary of any employee.

Projected costs

You manage the bot load and the lease term yourself.

High reliability

The robot does not get sick and does not skip work.

High performance

The bot works 24/7, without holidays and weekends.

Effort reduction

It no longer takes a lot of human labor to achieve results.

HAVE QUESTIONS?We have the answers!

What business processes does mailbox warm-up perform?

The software robot for warming up mailboxes performs a number of functions to increase your rating in mail systems: sends messages, scans the spam folder and moves letters to inbox, opens, reads and answers letters. Thanks to these actions, the deliverability of your newsletters and the percentage of open / read emails increase.

Will my profile be blocked?

No, your profile will not be blocked because we do not use browser extensions and other solutions of standard services. Robots work just like you, practically with their hands, so there are no blockages.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, different mail services have their own restrictions. Write to us and we will tell you how the software robot works for warming up mail.

What determines how well the mailbox warms up?

It depends on the open rates and answers that you specify when the robot starts. Write to us and we will tell you how to increase the level of warming up the mailbox.

How can I start doing mailing to warm up the mailbox and what is needed for this?
What is mailbox warming?

Warming up the mailbox is sending messages to the specified Email database, which allows you to increase the rating of your mailing lists in mail systems and increase the percentage of delivery and opening of letters by users.

Why do you need to warm up the mailbox?

Warming up the mailbox allows you to make mailings without getting into spam and with a high level of opening and reading letters.

How can I automate email warming up?

With the help of Autorpad software robots, you can quickly automate the warming up of Email of any mail systems and use the possibilities of business mailings by 100%.

What does warm-up automation give?

The main advantages are time savings and full automation of the process that does not require human intervention. Sending messages manually to a large number of users is time consuming and carries a high risk of errors. Automation solves these problems.


AUTOMATION OF MARKETINGWe offer new tools for business

Automation of Internet marketing using bots built on RPA technology allows you to quickly and efficiently collect target audiences, make mailings in previously inaccessible channels. In addition, with the help of automation of marketing processes, new tools for an Internet marketer, you can quickly increase website traffic and create scenarios for automatic sales on the Internet.

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