Robot for Facebook

Robot for Facebook

We set up and connect the multifunctional Facebook robot to your profile. Gathering the target audience, newsletters and almost unlimited functionality to order. Automate your work with Facebook and increase your sales!

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What is a Facebook robot?

Implementing a robot on Facebook – is an opportunity to get a universal employee at an affordable cost, for which you will spend much less on rent per month than on hiring another manager to work on the social network.

This is the elimination of errors, round-the-clock communication with customers, saving time and labor costs for managers!


Why should you enable RPA?

On Facebook, the Autorpad robot performs a lot of functions: it can like, comment and publish posts, invite friends and follow users, collect and segment the subscriber base.

Using a bot accelerates the lead’s progress through the sales funnel using triggered newsletters sent in response to a specific user action. Dropped the cart? Get a reminder message! Didn’t finish the conversation? The robot will remind you of itself!

How can Facebook be automated?

With software robots, you can automate work with a Facebook profile and optimize business processes: collecting subscribers, supporting and increasing the activity of your profile and page.

In addition, a chatbot can be connected to the business page and thus improve communication with the target audience. If you decide at the same time to order a newsletter in LinkedIn, then you can get a large influx of customers for your business.

What tasks does the robot perform?

The Autorpad robot can not only collect contacts and make mailings, but also answer standard questions from customers, accept applications and send them by mail.

A Facebook bot for adding friends – is an indispensable tool that helps you quickly increase your target audience. More interested subscribers – more sales. And no spam, as the mailing is carried out by the bot according to the profiles that you have in direct.

What is the benefit of robotization for Facebook?

Bot Autorpad for Facebook in its work uses the client base, and not just those subscribers who came after its implementation.

Order automation of smm promotion today to outperform your competitors tomorrow! Keep up with the times! Implement new technologies, and we will help you with this!


Sales growth

Bot for Facebook works non-stop, sending out thousands of messages a day. Many times more people will see and buy your product.

Unloading managers

Connect a Facebook chat bot, and entrust the routine to the Autorpad robot, and creative work to managers.

New channel

Use Facebook for communication and sales not through advertising, but through correspondence and robots.

Chatbot and newsletters

Bot for Facebook Messenger allows you to accompany and increase sales by helping managers to serve customers and page visitors.

Parsing contacts

The robot will collect information by keywords, transfer groups and individual users from the specified sources, and segment the audience.

Collecting a database of contacts

The robot can collect an audience for itself and for the page by adding contacts as friends or by sending users a friends page.

HOW IT WORKS?How to automate Facebook?

Step 1. Define goals

Step 2. Create a robot

Step 3. Set up the robot

Step 4. Getting Started

Step 5. Improving the results

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AUTOMATION OF MARKETINGWe offer new tools for marketers

Automation of Internet marketing, implemented with the help of bots built on RPA technology, allows you to quickly and efficiently collect target audiences, make mailings in previously inaccessible channels. In addition, with the help of automation of marketing processes, new tools for an Internet marketer, you can quickly increase website traffic and create scenarios for automatic sales on the Internet.

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