RPA for the marketer

RPA for the marketer

Automation of Internet marketing, implemented with the help of bots built on RPA technology, allows you to quickly and efficiently collect target audiences, make mailings in previously inaccessible channels. In addition, with the help of automation of marketing processes, new tools for an Internet marketer, you can quickly increase site traffic and create scenarios for automatic sales on the Internet.

AUTOMATION OF MARKETINGOrder automation of marketing tools

Collecting target

A software robot can generate leads around the clock, and this leads to an increase in sales.


Artificial intelligence allows you to make mailings where there were none before, and this increases conversions.


Mailings delivered to the target audience at the right time with the right text increase sales.

Auto-posting and multi-publications

The bot will publish your content at the specified time in an unlimited number of channels.

Communication with customers

The software robot will take over the answers to the questions, and independently sell your product to the client.

Analytics and reporting

Artificial intelligence will analyze the effectiveness of business processes and send a report to a channel convenient for you.


We propose to automate marketing processes. For example, RPA for an SMM manager will significantly increase conversions from social networks. At the same time, you can create a business process automation system, that will work with dozens of services, websites and marketplaces.

Email newsletter

Collection of target audience

Mass communications

Viber newsletter

Data parsing

Trigger newsletters

SMS newsletter

Push newsletter

Individual robot

HAVE QUESTIONS?We have answers and suggestions on how to automate the work of a marketer

How much time can you save with marketing automation?

Automation of Internet marketing reduces the full cycle of one workflow by about 30-50%, and in some cases by 80%.

Why automatize the work of a marketer?

While the robot performs standardized tasks, the marketer can concentrate on strategic and creative tasks.

Due to what, increase traffic or sales?

Due to increasing labor productivity, reducing operating costs, improving the quality of work performed.

What is the advantage of RPA technology over other marketing automation systems?

The advantage of RPA technology is that its implementation does not require global changes and expensive improvements in functioning systems and programs.

How it happens the automation process going?

– We analyze the processes which can be automated.

– We create and launch an automatic bot.

How soon will I see the result?

– You will see the results of robotization immediately, in the first days after the introduction of RPA technology.

How quickly do investments in robots pay off?
– The payback of the technology, like any other marketing automation service, is purely individual and depends on many factors (the number of bots, the type, and time of work).
What is the cost of a robot?

– The average cost of a bot does not exceed the monthly salary of an employee or the annual cost of performing an automated business-process.


Automation of marketing activities and the introduction of Internet marketing tools will make your marketing department as productive as possible. Use advanced tools and stay one step ahead of your competitors.