We set up “turnkey” cross-posting from any sources to any channels.

AUTOMATION OF MARKETINGPre-order crossposting

Why does your site need crossposting?

Cross-posting to social networks increases the SEO position of your site in search results, and in addition, directs traffic from posts from social networks to your site. Automatic cross-posting of posts is convenient because with its help you can publish posts from your site’s blog to many social networks, and not only, for example, do cross-posting on Facebook and Twitter. 

What can be cross-posting in social networks?

The existing Facebook to Instagram crossposting solution helps us save time and publish our posts on 2 social networks at once. But what if we want to lead more social networks? Then RPA robots come to our aid.

With their help, you can create your own automatic cross-posting service, and then you can post automatically to any social network, from any social network.

How does cross-posting in messengers work?

Cross-posting for messengers is an indispensable thing if you send mailings to at least one of the messengers. You must have faced the problem of lack of integration between messengers and different platforms.

With the help of RPA robots, you can automatically publish the content you need in Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, and other messengers, just as a person would do. Only faster, bigger, more efficient.

What CRMs are supported for cross-posting?

With automatic cross-hosting, any RM systems supported, including self-written ones, for example:

  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla
  3. Opencart
  4. Magenta
  5. Shopify
  6. Webasyst
  7. and others.

What forums can be used for crossposting?

When cross-posting, can use any forums, livejournal, lj, YouTube, blog platforms – RPA robots recognize interfaces and text on computer screens, so they work with any platform.

Note that automatic RPA cross-posting involves publishing content using any source and any platform used to publish.

HAVE QUESTIONS?We can explain what crossposting is and why it is necessary

What is crossposting?
Crossposting – is an automatic (semi-automatic) publication of content on several sites at the same time (social networks, marketplaces, etc.). Automatic cross-posting allows the manager to focus on other, more important and creative tasks, while increasing coverage and sales.
Why do need crossposting?
The program provides an opportunity to remove a huge amount of monotonous work from the manager on different platforms.
How can automate the publication of posts on different platforms?
Robotize placement of content on different platforms is possible with automatic crossposting. It allows you to improve manager efficiency and increase coverage, sales.
What does automating the publishing process give?
Robotization of this process allows you to increase sales by increasing the amount of published material. You only need to set up the source, select the time and platforms for publication, and launch the robot.
What are the benefits of robotization?
Robotization allows optimizing the cost of human resources, improve the quality of content placement, focus the manager on other tasks, while increasing sales.