Push newsletter

Push newsletter

We set up “turnkey” Push newsletters, which automatically leads to an increase in your traffic on the site and an increase in sales.

AUTOMATION OF MARKETINGPre-order Push newsletters

Newsletter Push notifications in the application

Setting up a Push subscription to notifications – is a one-time process. Please note that when replacing the Push newsletter service, you will lose all subscribers, so you need to be very careful when choosing a Push mailing service – after all, you probably don’t want to lose, for example, 10,000 subscribers later.

How to choose the right service for Push newsletter?

Sending Push notifications to the phone is exactly the same as to the desktop. You can also connect Push notifications on the site through the same service, while almost always sending both to desktop and mobile occurs from one interface. When choosing a service, pay attention to the appearance of the Push and the possibility of integrations, if you need them.

What does the right content for Push newsletters include?

Depending on the service used for sending web Push messages, the content for Push mailing will be different. The most complete set is a logo, banner, text, button.

Please note that banner sizes may vary, and text sizes for different services, devices may be different.

The robot generates
Push newsletter

According to the task, the robot creates a mailing list in the Push-notifications service.

Robot optimizes

The robot will check and, if necessary, resize text or pictures.

The robot creates

The report or newsletter notification will be sent to a convenient channel for you.

Push notifications in the Google Chrome browser can be sent in different ways, using different services, and you don’t even need to buy or rent a server for push notifications – usually everything included in the service tariff. However, in Autorpad, besides the fact that can order the parsing of goods, can also order the automation of Push newsletters.

You can order a robot for Push newsletters in the same way as ordering a bot for Instagram – at the same time, a robot for Push newsletters can be given a variety of functions. For example, so that he himself creates newsletter lists based on tasks from a marketer, or based on information that appears somewhere on the Internet, for example, in a blog on your site.

Mobile Push notifications, or desktop – it doesn’t matter, the robot can publish to both channels, or to each separately. The tasks of the robot will depend only on your tasks, while on the basis of RPA robots, you can build, for example, an advertising Push notification network that will send certain messages to a certain segment of users.

HOW IT WORKS?We automate
PUSH Newsletter in 4 steps

1. Determine the purpose of the newsletter

2. Set up base collection

3. Create content and a task for the robot

4. Set up the robot

Have questions?We have answers to Push newsletter automation

What are Push-notifications?

Push-notifications – are short notifications that consist of text, an image, and call-to-action buttons. Push notifications pop up in the browser on a mobile or desktop device. Such messages appear on the desktop even when the browser is closed, so they are distinguished by high views and click-throughs.

Why do need a push-newsletter?

Push-newsletter – is an inexpensive but effective marketing tool. It allows you to quickly increase your subscriber base and improve communication with your audience.

How can automate push-newsletters?
There are many services for automating push-newsletters. Each of them has its own functionality, often quite limited. With the help of RPA robots, you can significantly expand the functionality of services, thereby getting higher conversions from the Push channel.
What does the automation of push-newsletters have to offer?

There is a unique opportunity to create a chain of mailings according to a predetermined scenario. At the same time, the quality and productivity of the work of marketers increases by relieving them of performing routine tasks.

What are the benefits of push-newsletters robotization?
Robotization of push-newsletterss reduces operational costs, eliminates human errors, increases the speed of creating notifications, and relieves the burden on the marketer.
How does the Push-notification robot work?

A software robot will cope ten times faster with sending a task to the service from which the newsletter will be carried out. It will clearly follow the path indicated by the marketer, take the necessary information from the specified source and send a push-notification.

What are the benefits of Push-newsletters?
Instant delivery of notifications to a large number of subscribers in Ukraine, other countries, and programming the date, time, “lifetime”, or the so-called push-message display duration.
What do you offer specifically?
We offer to make it as easy as possible to work with services and automate the process of creating a newsletter using RPA technology and software robots.