CV image recognition

CV image recognition

We create Email marketing strategies, content plan, trigger maps. We set up automatic trigger mailings, conduct mailings and provide reporting. Furthermore, we write texts for letters, draw a design and make up adaptive HTML templates.

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Why use machine vision on your website?

Machine vision used to check the elements of the site, the correspondence of images. With the help of computer vision, robots navigate your site, just like humans.

Therefore, the use of machine vision and robots opens up opportunities for creating new tools, for example, you can do auto-posting,  without changing the software used.

How to use machine vision on the Internet?

With the help of machine vision, can recognize the text from the picture, while, for example, solve the captcha. Computer vision used in business relatively recently, but is already being used to sort websites, products, based on images.

Image recognition using neural networks allows you to make working with images more flexible, thereby removing the burden from staff. After all, both text and documents can be used as images.

How is computer vision used in messengers?

Recognition and digital image processing leads to the fact that we can build chatbots where it was previously impossible. After all, we can use machine vision for text recognition.

Thus, computer vision in instant messengers is mainly used to determine whether a message has been received or sent, to recognize the message text and convert it from an image format to a text format.

How is computer vision used in services?

Recognizing a picture in a table – is not the only application of computer vision in various Internet-services. After all, after recognizing images in the service, the robot can perform some other actions.

Technical vision for extracting information from photos can be used in almost any online-service. At the same time, in services using machine vision, you can recognize not only images, but also text, design, and interface elements.

How is machine vision used in applications?

Just as is the case with the websites of competitors, suppliers, services, and systems with which you work, regardless of the programming languages used, in which they are written.

Machine vision recognizes images, text, design and interface elements and in applications that you use on your, or a remote computer, while the robot can process the resulting information further.