Workflow automation

Workflow automation

We introduce software robots in companies that perform various boring and repetitive tasks (creating reports, filling out tables and books, reconciliations), freeing up accountants for more complex tasks.

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What documents can be recognized?

When organizing workflow in an enterprise and automating some processes, it is possible to recognize almost all paper and electronic documents. For example: accounts, invoices, waybills, credit and debit orders, contracts and other documents related to primary, tax, internal documentation.

Автоматизация и оптимизация бизнес процессов фото Robotic Process Automation RPA
Автоматизация и оптимизация бизнес процессов фото Robotic Process Automation RPA

What documents can RPA robot draw up?

Automation of document management in an enterprise involves processing almost all electronic documents that an accountant works with: from invoices, invoices, bills of lading, to reports, text documents, contracts. RPA robots can process all these documents.

What services, platforms and data can the RPA robot work with?

RPA robots work with any systems, services and platforms, desktop and online applications. For example: M.E.Doc, 1С, Privatbank etc. Document management and accounting automation systems imply the transfer of data of any type between any accounting and storage systems for data on goods, contractors, and other types of data. RPA robots can transfer any kind of data and any systems to any systems.

Автоматизация и оптимизация бизнес процессов фото Robotic Process Automation RPA
Автоматизация и оптимизация бизнес процессов фото Robotic Process Automation RPA

What kind of reporting can an RPA robot create?

The preparation and implementation of electronic document management in an enterprise implies obtaining results in the form of generated reports. RPA robots can generate any reporting in electronic form that was previously generated by people or electronic systems. 

What integrations can be done through RPA?

The development of business document management processes with automation using RPA technology implies the integration of services, programs, both web applications and desktop applications. At the same time, the great advantage of RPA technology is the ability to integrate any systems with each other in the shortest possible time, at an affordable cost.

Автоматизация и оптимизация бизнес процессов фото Robotic Process Automation RPA

Document processing

Automation speeds up document processing

Document processing

A robot built on RPA technology works without errors

Increasing document flow control

Robotization allows you to keep logs of actions


Automation of the internal workflow of warehouse processes is possible in a company that has already organized its processes and has well-established business processes that can be described by flowcharts. In this case, automation can be carried out in a short time, which in turn will affect the results of the project and the return on investment in automation.

Automation of personnel records management and document flow, on the one hand, is an easier project to implement, because forms of internal documentation have a more streamlined system than, for example, invoice forms from different suppliers. But, at the same time, there may be many of these forms, and they may also not be ordered. 

At this point, we return to the fact that an automated document management system can be implemented in a variety of ways – starting from ERP, the well-known 1C inventory accounting program, and ending with the company’s own developments, including, for example, CRM or PIM systems. 

It is important to understand that the automation of accounting in an enterprise can be implemented in different ways, using different tools that will eventually automate different things. RPA robots automate exactly human actions, repetitive operations.

RPA robots often do not have an interface, but this is their important difference from other automation tools. RPA technology is the latest round of automation that allows robots, not people, to work with various tools, services, and programs.

By the way, you can also, automate the accounting of working time in different ways and tools. Among these tools could be:

  • Excel
  • Google Sheets
  • CRM-system
  • ERP-system
  • Time-tracker
  • Chatbot
The main difference between RPA robots lies in the fact that on their basis you can create both advanced tools and create integrations or bundles of tools. Such advantages of bots allow companies to receive advantages. After all, it is much easier to work when there is no routine and all the necessary data is at hand.
Summing up, we can say that it is possible and necessary to automate document flow in a company. At the same time, with the help of such advanced technologies as RPA, you can get even more results from automation than in previous rounds. After all, if earlier automation tools appeared to help accountants, now robots can perform many actions on their own.


What is automatic document management?
Workflow automation is getting rid of manual routine work with primary documents (filling in invoices, counting numbers, etc.), using software RPA robots, and concentrating on working with more important documents.
Why do need to automate document flow?

Accounting programs increase the efficiency of all departments of the enterprise associated with paperwork, in particular, accounting.

Robots, in turn, allow you to perform various repetitive operations with accounting programs without the participation of people.

How can automate document flow?

This process is automated using RPA technology. Robots, combined with accounting programs, perform their duties perfectly and increase the efficiency of employees.

Come to us for a free consultation, and we will share ready-made software robots that remove repetitive and boring tasks from accountants.

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