OCR text recognition

OCR text recognition

We set up “turnkey” robots for text recognition.

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How is OCR used on websites?

Robots using OCR technology can be used to determine the presence of keywords on certain pages of your site. In this case, you do not have to spend a lot of human labor to search for text on the site.

ОбращаемPlease note that in order to recognize text from pdf to word you need to use standard online-services. RPA robots are designed to work with such services, but do not replace them.

Why use OCR on the internet?

If you need to automate some actions and start from the text on the site, then most likely you need optical character recognition (ocr) services for large amounts of text.

In this case, you will be able to use a robot that will not only understand the text on the site, but also act in accordance with this text, automating your activities on your site or on other sites.

How is OCR used for document recognition?

When automating workflow, it is almost always necessary to recognize the text of various documents. In this case, in addition to the need to implement text recognition in PDF in Word, it is often necessary to search for text in the document.

An RPA robot can recognize text from a picture or photo, or recognize text from jpg to word, while such actions can only be part of one large document processing robot algorithm.

Why do need OCR for messengers?

Text to audio recognition is not an OCR technology, but we can use robots to automate the process of recognizing individual audio recordings, or the entire conversation into text. There are different services that can recognize sound from video to text.

The task of robots in this case will only be to record the necessary conversations, translate voice into text using ready-made services, after which the robot will be able to find the necessary keywords in the prepared text.

How does OCR work with applications?

If you need to recognize scanned text in a large volume, on a continuous basis, then it makes sense to make a robot that will send texts to applications such as scanner, printer, Abby, and then interact with them.

The task of recognizing handwriting from a photo can only be one of the tasks that the robot performs when working with applications, so just remember that RPA robots work with any application.

Process autonomy

The text recognition program works without human intervention.

Quality improvement

Automatic text recognition from a photo is more efficient than a human.

Getting rid of the routine

OCR will find the information you need in a few minutes, depending on the complexity of the task.

Time saving

Finding text in pictures reduces the amount of manual labor.

Data processing

It helps to automate the processing and collection of information from any sources on the Internet.


The OCR robot works with several resources at the same time.

HAVE QUESTIONS?We have answers on how to use OCR

What is OCR?
OCR – is automatic text recognition from any resources on the Internet – pictures, websites, videos.
Why do need text recognition?
Automatic recognition of information saves a huge amount of time. Online text recognition allows you to search for the necessary information all over the Internet, regardless of the format.
How can automate captcha solving?
Robotize solving of captchas, data retrieval in pictures and on the Internet can be done using OCR technology. For example, a project with mass communication service uses this technology in the construction of communication processes with customers.
What does OCR automation provide?
The use of OCR in robots increases their efficiency. For example, information retrieval used in parsing or scraping, so that the robot understands where in the product card certain product characteristics are.
What is the benefit of OCR robotization?

Robotization of OCR allows you to optimize the cost of human resources when searching for text on a computer locally or on the Internet. For example, if you decide to order an email newsletter, and you need to collect a database, OCR technology will help you, among other things. Thus, you use 2 technologies at once when performing 1 task using robotization.