Parsing of goods

Parsing of goods

We set up the parsing of goods from the sources you need, and we transfer information to you in a form convenient for you, in a channel convenient for you.

AUTOMATION OF MARKETINGPre-order parsing of goods

How to parse products for your online store?

Parsing of goods from an online store can be implemented for any CMS, including self-written sites. To do this, you can order an RPA robot that will collect or publish the necessary information on your site, giving the result (texts, images, numbers) in a form convenient for you, in a channel convenient for you.

How to collect information about goods from the supplier's website?

Services parser goods online stores on opencart today very much in demand, because with their help you can collect information about the goods from the supplier site automatically, around the clock. It is enough to order parsing – the rest will be done by RPA robots.

Is it possible to collect product information from a competitor's or supplier's website?

Yes, of course can, unless a competitor or supplier has indicated on his site that he is against it. And everything else – only need to order parsing products from the catalog site – all the rest will do RPA robots in automatic mode, giving you the information in a convenient form for you.

How to collect information about products from marketplaces?

You can do this by parsing products by list, as a result of which you will get the information you want in a convenient form. Note that you can add filters when parsing, and do, for example, parsing goods by characteristics.

What can be the sources for parsing goods?

Any website, program, or application can be used as a source, and parsing product descriptions or parsing product cards can be performed automatically 24/7, without human intervention.

Data collection

Up-to-date information about products, prices, contacts, with updates of the right frequency.


Monitoring changes in all kinds of data – from numbers and text to images.


Providing information or data of interest to you in a form convenient for you.


What is parsing of goods?
Product parsing – is the automatic collection of information about a product from websites, online stores or other sources (price, description, characteristics, photos) and its formatting, mainly in the form of an Excel file. Order parsing of contacts from the site you can here.
Why does a content-manager need a robot?
This robot is necessary to reduce the number of content manager functions (it can even completely replace it), as well as improve their quality. It allows you to get information faster and better.
How can automate data collection?
Data collection is automated using special robots/scripts (parsers). The parser can be either disposable or reusable.
What gives automation?
Automation allows you to increase sales and employee efficiency. The robot does not make mistakes, so it does its job as efficiently as possible.
What is the benefit of robotic data collection?
The automatic parser for WordPress allows to free the content manager from a lot of routine work and improve the quality of filling in commodity items. At the same time, after parsing, for example, groups or the contacts you need, you can order a bot for Facebook and make a newsletter to the groups you are interested in.